Husband and wife team, Rick and Annette Carter, have been working with our workshop team in India since early 2013, and have since launched the One Another homewares label. Their vision was to create a collection that brought together traditional artisan techniques with a modern aesthetic.

One Another’s limited edition cushions, throws and artworks combine modern designs with traditional hand embroidery and weaving. Rick and Annette have been immersed in the Sydney creative scene for years in their fields of design/photography and fashion respectively. The One Another label combines their shared passion for humanity and a desire to empower women living in poverty.

They have travelled to India many times before and are looking forward to visiting our Lucknow workshop. The label was developed entirely through e-communication with team India helping with sourcing of fabrics, particular zippers and piping, and specific embroidery thread colours. Some of this required a good deal of tenacity, patience and lots of phone calls!

Part of the One Another range is a set of art prints on paper, with added embroidery. Embroidering very modern designs onto cushion covers is one thing, and there was a buzz of interest when the cushion designs arrived. To embroider onto paper, however, was quite a shock to our embroidery workers! Getting it right involved selecting the most appropriate stitches, and lots of experimentation, with photos going back to the designer for comment several times. We are very proud of the result.

Rick and Annette also work with a group of women weavers in South Africa. The intricate hand embroidery from India and beautiful loop weaving from Africa are incorporated in all their designs and is what makes them so unique




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