Based in Sydney, Carlie Ballard is a sustainable fashion advocate. In 2012 she was recognised by the Ethical Fashion Forum, the global platform for sustainable fashion, with a Source award for best practice in the curation, marketing and sale of sustainable fashion. Carlie is also a founding member of Clean Cut Fashion, a collective of sustainable fashion advocates, bringing about greater awareness and celebration of the future of Australian fashion.

Carlie contacted us early in 2012 about developing an ethical clothing label alongside the launch of her online store. With a background in adventure travel and a degree in Fine Art, Carlie had strong ideas about creating a brand that packed an aesthetic and social punch, and was ready to start with sketches of her first collection. Together we looked at fabric swatches and discussed the joys and frustrations, the possibilities and limitations of manufacturing with small producer groups.

In August 2012, Carlie visited Lucknow and lived in the workshop for a week, working on the new range and delighting the team with her warmth and obvious pleasure in India, Lucknow and the workshop itself. She took some patterns with her that she’d had made in Australia, and also worked with our Master on patterns. By the time she left she had the bones of her collection organised and was able to work from then on by email. She returned in 2015, her label now established and being sold through her online store, bricks and mortar store The Darley Store in Manly, NSW and stockists all over the country.

Team India helped source the beautiful ikat fabrics featured in Carlie’s first collection. While in India Carlie visited our suppliers of organic and hand-loom cottons in the state of Gujarat, so she was able to fill us in on the working practices of these organisations. Her lovely organic cambric comes from there.

Carlie worked closely by email with our Production Manager, Arsh, tweaking her designs over successive generations of samples until she was happy to put a label on them carrying her name. Pragya helped organise fabric purchase and label development. It was an organic process that enabled the designer to use trial and error to perfect her range.

Launched in 2013, the Carlie Ballard label is dedicated to using sustainable fabrics, including organic cottons which are GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) and hand-woven fabric which has minimal carbon footprint and ensures traditional fabric making remains relevant into the future. 

And now Carlie has launched her children’s range.




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