Zenana Women is about sustainable textiles, a social enterprise partnership between workers in India and designers everywhere. We form the link between small, emerging and limited edition labels and the workshop in India that manufactures for them.

Designers of both fashion and homewares partner with us to develop new lines made with pride in their fairness to both the workers who produce them and the environment that sustains us all.

We work beside women from the slums of a small city in India towards reducing their burden of poverty through stable employment. We aspire to the standards of fair trade, including fairly paid work, good working conditions, opportunities for education and training, and care for the environment. We’re proud to be endorsed as a Fair Trader of Australia.

Our own fashion label, Zenana, features the lovely hand-done embroidery of our region on beautiful hand-woven cotton fabrics. 

The Workshop

Partner designers working with our production unit


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